Welcome to the Flavor Club!

Join the flavor club Newsletter to get more than just fresh spices! We offer unique blends from FLVR #111 to FLVR # 999 to flavor your everyday cooking.  No need to stock up a specific blend for a recipe.

  • Get fresh ground spices delivered (Currently in NY state only)
  • New recipes
  • Updates on new flavors

Note: the Spices are available for sale only within NY state. But you can still sign up for our cooking classes and join our newsletter.

What is Flavor Club?

Flavor club is our community. When you join the newsletter you will be notified about the fresh ground spice blends when they become available, easy recipes and our current events. As we formulate new blends, we will keep you posted for sure!

Join the flavor club Newsletter to never miss the updates on:

  • Fresh batch of spices so you can order (Currently in NY state only)
  • New recipes
  • Upcoming blends

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