Slide One Pack, One Step, Many recipes SHOP NOW Smita's well balanced blends take the guesswork out from using many bottles of spices and replacing them all with one pack and one step. These blends are salt free and are formulated based on food groups rather than recipes to make the daily cooking process convenient, flavorful for cooks of all levels to create a masterpiece using Smita’s-Spice blends!

Smita's Spices

Smita believes that spices are a way to create harmony in your food. She formulated universal Meat and Veggie blends for everyday cooking. Her goal was to simplify the process of using numerous spices at a time and also to flavor the food in a right way. These blends are made fresh every month, are concentrated and contain no fillers or artificial ingredients. In addition to most meats and veggies, these blends can also be used for soups, lentils, rubs or as marinades.

Featured Recipes

A Nod to Smita's Spices...

Janice Schlau, Pastry Chef, Artist

"Made Oven roasted game hen, blackened porcini mushrooms, vidalia onions, peppers, garlic cloves and lundberg wild rice blend. Smita Chutke's Spices are available to enhance and perfume your domicile".

Think exotic Indian...

Chef Jeff Cooke, @ThisLittlePigeats, Buffalo, NY

"Super-fun collaboration with Smita's spice. Made Smoked Lamb Pizza with Smita’s Meat Seasoning (think exotic Indian...not so much a standard “curry” spice but a way more nuanced blend with deep rich & bitter notes and layers of sweet spice flavors, as well!) with heirloom tomato, pickled onion, goat cheese, mozzarella & cilantro, spicy tomato"

aroma is sooooo good....

Brenda Turteltaub, Creator of @aspecialstory

"I highly recommend Smita's Spice blend. We were licking fingers here. The aroma is sooooo amazing, and taste is a mouth feast"

Blown away by spice flavor...

Matt, @ThePizzaBuffalo, Instagram

"My friend used some of your meat spice. He was blown away and said how good it was."

Would buy larger bags...

Stephanie, Buffalo, NY

"Your Spices are flavorful, and earthy with a great balance of flavors. Spruces up any dish, the possibilities are endless! What spice blends should be"

Found my Spice master...

Owner of Butter Meat Co. , Perry, NY

"Smita's meat spice pairs incredibly well with our ground beef. Met Smita last week and felt like i found my spice master flavor soul sister."

Fun Online Class!

Thuy Dan T.,San Gabriel, CA

This was a really fun virtual event – my first cooking one! Smita picked the perfect recipe for us to follow along with and going with quarantine, had great ingredients of things most common in our cupboards right now and having a lot of suggestions for substitutions for everyone's needs. I had a lot of fun following along while I was cooking and the food was amazing!

Great online session!

Nikki G., Buffalo, NY

This was a great session. I never thought I would be able to cook Indian food. Low and behold, I can! The end result of Indian flatbread and curry was delicious, and you use ingredients everyone usually has on hand, and it isn't difficult. I liked that Smita learned how to cook from her grandmothers. I also love how Smita started doing cooking socials to meet friends!

Loved her flair for cooking...

Stacie B., Indianapolis, IN

The end result food was delicious and definitely something we would try again! I loved her flair for food and desire to encourage people along in their skills. It was obvious she knew how to cook and had the 'feel' of cooking in her bones! I liked the variety she encouraged and he the recipe could be adapted based on multiple things one might have in the kitchen.

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