Gavar beans in Instant pot

Gavar Beans also known as cluster beans are native to India. With many recipes for this beans I have my favorites and one of them is simple as this one I am sharing. Because this post is supposed to be all about easy and quick and using little help from pre-cut frozen Gavar beans and one pot meals in Instant pot.


-1 Packs of frozen pre-cut and washed Gavar beans pack

-2 tbsp of grated ginger garlic

-2 Indian hot green chilies

Spices: Masala dabba spices, ¼ tsp Turmeric, 1 tsp Red chili powder, ¼ tsp (Cumin seeds, mustard seeds), 2 tsp Coriander Cumin powder

Optional but recommended :1 tbsp of frozen grated coconut, crushed peanuts, chopped mint, chopped coriander leaves

Equipment : Instant Pot

Cooking technique

(Follow the method for Stove top similar way and see additional notes for that at the end)

– Turn on the Instant pot on Saute mode

– Add oil, temper Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds. Add chopped green chilies and do not let it burn.

– Add the ginger garlic paste and saute.

– Then add the whole frozen beans packs straight into the Instant pot .

– Add all the spices and salt to taste. Add the coconut, mint leaves, coriander leaves and give it a stir.

– Add 2 tbsp of water (not too much as once you close the lid of instant pot or stove top pan, the moisture from the frozen beans will help it cook.)

– Close the lid and cancel the saute mode.

– Turn on the Manual mode with high pressure for 3 mts.

– No need to wait for the pressure to release naturally and you can release it manually.

– The sharp green color won’t be retained if you cook it for too long in pressure cooker/ instant pot.

Enjoy with warm flatbreads / Methi or Cumin roti from frozen aisle of Indian grocery. This doesn’t go well with Naan or thick breads as it doesn’t have any gravy to it but will make a great vegan wrap for flatbreads with red onions and some tamarind chutney.


For stove top, use a wok like pan. Use /4 cup water and close the lid tightly. Cook for 10- mts and check if its cooked.

If there is excess water then open the lid and cook on high heat to let the water evaporate. Keep an eye and stir it occasionally.

I am Smita Chutke , and welcome to my blog. Cooking for me is an art. Once you know the techniques then you have freedom to experiment and create something new.


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