Mutton Curry


-1 lb Lamb/ goat meat (cleaned + cut)

-1/4 cup dry coconut powder

-2 tbsp poppy seeds (optional)

-1 onion (chopped)

-2 tbsp hand crushed ginger garlic paste for better taste

-1 hot Indian green chili chopped

-1/2 cup together coriander & mint leaves chopped

-2-3 sprigs of curry leaves

Spices : My masala dabba spice + smita’s garam masala (read my post on these)

1-2 tsp red chili powder, 1tsp tumeric powder, 1 tsp smita’s garam masala or 3-4 tsp of store bought garam masala

Marinade additional ingredients: 1/2 tsp red chili powder, 1/2tsp tumeric powder, salt to taste, 1 tbsp yogurt, 1/2 lemon juice, 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste

Oil: any type but very less as Mutton and coconut will also release the oil.

Equipment : Instant pot for cooking soft and tender or pressure cooker or dutch oven

Optional: Anything listed under here is optional

-Poppy seeds, ginger garlic in marinade, coriander , mint, curry leaves

Cooking technique

– Marinade the mutton for at least few hours with listed marinate mix. For best results you need atleast 24-48 hrs but if you are making in instant pot then 4-5 hrs is fine too.

-If you have mortar and pestle then i recommend crushing the ginger garlic in it. Else blend it along with the gravy paste as listed below.

-Prepare the gravy next .

– For gravy, first roast the coconut powder on medium low heat in a pan and keep stirring. Then add poppy seeds and roast for a minute more.

– Now turn the heat off and grind the powder with little water to make a fine paste. Keep it aside.

-Now wash and chop onion, green chilies , coriander and mint leaves

– Turn the instant pot on saute mode

– add very little oil enough to saute the onions.

– while onions are about translucent then add chopped green chilies and curry leaves.

-Once onions are brown then add in the sequence listed the masala dabba spices first, then garam masala, then ginger garlic paste , chopped coriander leaves , mint leaves ,followed by the gravy paste.

– Now let it cook for a minute or two and then add mutton.

– Saute it all until the oil is oozing out .

– Now add 2 cups of water .

– Close the lid and cancel the saute mode. On manual mode choose high pressure cooking for 16-17 mts .

– Let the pressure release naturally.

Garnish with chopped coriander and curry leaves.


Check my instagram for interesting story about Mutton curry .

– Use the same method for pressure cooker.

-If you are using dutch oven then add more water and let it cook for atleast 30-45 mts.

I am Smita Chutke , and welcome to my blog. Cooking for me is an art. Once you know the techniques then you have freedom to experiment and create something new.


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